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Submitted by Mile23 on Sun, 08/07/2005 - 20:05

Lately I've been thinking about porn.

Not like that, no.

But as in: Porn is the one thing that always makes money. And I've been curious about how to break into it, what kind of money one could make, and so forth.

This is no different than any other market for a working, non-fine-arts photographer. I'm not planning on doing it, but who knows what's down the road.

The point is that I've considered selling stock photos of trees and birds and mountain ranges, so why not nekkid women?

Well, here's something amusing I found doing my research: BuyModelPhotos.com. It's an online royalty-free stock agency (using the term 'agency' in the loosest possible sense) for the kind of photos you find advertising 1-900 lines in the back of alternative newsweeklies.

Cleaning Digital SLR With Liquid: Risky?

Submitted by Mile23 on Wed, 08/03/2005 - 14:08

Here's a 'blog entry where someone seems to have basically ruined their DSLR by cleaning the sensor with a liquid cleaner.

One of the problems with digital SLR cameras is that dust can accumulate on the sensor, since you're swapping out the lens from time to time.

There are a few solutions... Olympus' E-300 is self-cleaning. Other DSLR manufacturers instruct you to use an air blower to gently blow the dust off. Another solution has you using a statically-charged brush to get the dust off.

And then there are some companies manufacturing a liquid solution, where you wipe some kind of solvent across the sensor. The problem, however, is that the 'sensor' you're cleaning is actually a piece of glass which is sealed on top of the actual sensor, and if that seal is broken, then the solvent could wick between the sensor and the glass.