The Best Hamburgers in the West

Submitted by Mile23 on Fri, 07/15/2005 - 20:00

Out West magazine kept this list of great burger places updated until 2001.

See if your favorite place is on it. Mine's not. Sigh.

The guy that runs Out West is living my dreams:

Chuck Woodbury started his quarterly tabloid Out West as a hobby in 1987. His idea was to roam the West in a motorhome equipped as a newsroom, and to write about what he found along the way. "I figured if I earned enough in subscriptions to cover my gasoline I'd be happy," he said. But the media soon got wind of his unusual "on-the-road" newspaper, and subscriptions shot to 10,000. In his ten years on the road, Woodbury has logged more than 200,000 miles, written a million or so words, and snapped about 15,000 pictures.