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How To PHP Dev On A Mac

I'm in the market for a new laptop, which means I'm in the market for a new MacBook Pro (probably 13" non-Retina, because I like repairing things I own).

But the upshot here is that I want to document what it would take to install all my tools to a fresh new MacBook Pro. I'll update this when I actually get the machine and do the process.

My current machines are stuck at 10.7.5 for various and sundry reasons, so some of this stuff might not be needed when I get Mavericks.

So here's the list, roughly in installation order:


I just wanted to mention a thing I hacked together a little while ago. It's made it much easier to manage coding standards stuff. Your mileage may vary.

NetBeansDrupalComposed is a tiny Composer-based project that pulls in all the stuff you need to do coding standards reviews for Drupal.

Updating to Mac OS X 10.7.5

In short: Don't do it.

I've wasted half of yesterday and much of today getting my Late 2008 MacBook Pro back into shape after installing the 10.7.5 update.

Worst of all: My fink installation won't update, which means re-installing XCode and then re-installing the command line tools, which is so slow that I have time to write this.

My MBP booted 10.7.5 once, and then thereafter only gave a kernel panic on boot. I had to re-install 10.7, and then download the 10.7.4 combo update and install that.

What To Delete?

There's been a long-standing issue in the Examples Project, as to whether an implementation of Node API should delete it's content on uninstall.

This is related to other issues about whether modules that implement fields should delete their data from the DB on uninstall. It took a while, but finally Drupal core will prevent you from uninstalling a module that provides a field (or, IIRC, a formatter), so yay, cross that one off the list.

Some Update-Type Stuff

Please forgive me, anyone-who-is-paying-attention-to-this-site. :-)

I promise to have more to say here.

Really. Because I promised myself I'd try and do a Drupal issue a day, addressing something on my dashboard, probably from the Examples Project but also maybe in Core or any of the other modules I use.

So when I do one of those, I'll write about it here. Ideally.

Stay tuned.