Daily Dose Of Exploits

Submitted by Mile23 on Thu, 07/21/2005 - 13:42

Today I learned about a new thing: Referrer spam.

The idea is that you get your referrer URL put into as many web sites' logs as possible, since those logs are sometimes visible to web spiders. The referers are usually presented as links, so, say, googlebot will pick them up and rank the referrer page as being linked from many sources.

Tricky, insidious, wasteful, and kinda clever. :-)

Solutions include modifying .htaccess and/or adding a rule to mod_security.

There's also the Awstats vulnerability, which someone with a North Korean IP is trying to sniff out on my server. Good thing I don't use Awstats.

Tamron 28mm/2.8 BBAR Multi-coated Adaptall Lens

Submitted by Mile23 on Thu, 07/21/2005 - 12:28

I found this lens at a thrift store for $15.

It's an Adaptall lens, which means that if you have the proper adapter, you can use it with just about any SLR mount out there. This specimen came with what looks like an M42 adaptor, marked 'For Fujica.' The mount-end cap is also marked 'For Fujica.' Maybe it's for Fujica? :-)

I tried to use it with the M42/Pentax K-mount adaptor I have, but an exposed lever (only exposed about a milimeter) caught in one of the mount screw holes on the camera. The camera's a Pentax *ist DS. My guess is that Fujica made a variation on the M42 mount which included this little lever.

Jon Hassell - Maarifa Street

Submitted by Mile23 on Wed, 07/20/2005 - 15:47

Picked up the new Jon Hassell CD today... 'Maarifa Street.'

'Maarifa' is Arabic for 'wisdom,' and the title was inspired by a war report from Iraq.

This album is a sort of back-to-the-roots expedition through Hassell's earlier work. Imagine a best-of album where all the tracks are mashups of old songs, and you begin to get an idea what's going on here. The album is subtitled 'Magic Realism 2,' alluding to Hassell's mid-80s album 'Aka Darbari Java: Magic Realism,' which is a sparse, quiet collection of almost unidentifiable samples from traditional musics and Hollywood musicals. 'Maarifa Street' goes a step further and folds Hassell's previous material back into what's going on now in his musical life.